What happens when you combine classic scrabble board and add the amazing gameplay of Yahtzee? Meet Word Yatzy – the best new game to train your brain.

Word Yatzy is more than just a scrabble game with friends. How good are you at spotting words from a random set of letters? Do you have the Yahtzee skills to fill all 5 slots and score big?! Get ready to test your word and strategy skills on this new addictive word game!
In this game, you have unlimited games and unlimited boards. Play as much as you want, as long as you want, against as many people as you want. No limits on your play at all! That’s because we believe in the power of play!

Word Yatzy is a turn-based game where two players compete for the highest score.
– Start with 7 letters and use those letters to create words and play them on the gameboard for a ton of points.
– Roll your letters like dice to see if you can build those high-scoring words.
– Place high scoring letters (hello Z and Q) on tile bonuses for huge rounds!
– If you can fill all 5 slots, you’re guaranteed a huge +100 bonus!
– No time limit on moves means you can play at your own pace
– Games are 5 rounds and quick! Finish a game in minutes and start another one!

The game was released in 2023.


Free online game.

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