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Match 3 RPG where gems swing battles from crushing defeat to brilliant victory!

Wizarding angels, demons, dudes, weirdos and heroes alike, with plenty of artifacts and levels await for a magical experience in this tactical match 3 game!

Made by a tiny indie team, polished to visual and experiential perfection. “Well… as far as the resources allowed really, but with compromises resolutely thrown away in favour of high quality! Cue in victorious music!”

Wizarding Heroes is built from the ground up to reinvent classic match-3 games with unpredictable role playing battles. You get freedom to take your time or even revert any move to think again, or just surf the battles on autoplay. Whichever tickles your fancy!

• Match – Create strategic combos to power up your heroes!
• Collect – Summon dozens and dozens of unique characters!
• Idle – Get fresh resources and gear every day no matter what!
• Upgrade – Level up, rank up and then awake your heroes beyond maximum 5 stars!
• Campaign – Unlock new locations to get more resources and better gear!
• Quests – Take on daily and special hero quests!
• Teams – Fight enormous enemies by joining a team, or create your own!
• Events – Play new events every day and every week!
• Arena – Fight against other players to reach the top!
• Depth – Meticulously polished design and visuals blend into a single cohesive experience!

Free online game.

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