Part One: Gameplay – 0:46

Part Two: Over “500” Puzzles – 18:07

Part Three: Why is it called The Witness? – 29:47

I’ve made an effort to avoid swearing in recent videos but I felt like I couldn’t avoid it here, so this is a second warning in case you’re watching somewhere that it might be an issue.

I get a little ranty in the third section. It’s the weakest part in terms of stating actual facts but I felt compelled to include it. This was a difficult script to write. Probably more than any other so far. I’m mostly happy with it.

The title is a little click-baity. If you haven’t played the game then it’s still (probably) worth your time. Watch the first few minutes if you’re on the fence before deciding.

Thanks! Let me know if I’m an idiot or not.