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Team building activities like this are great to stimulate the participants’ creativity. Even if all the participants are not good drawers, they will do their best to make accurate, enlarged copies of their puzzle pieces. Together, all the participants will use the individual creative pieces to form one big enlarged copy. 🎨
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Do you like this exercise? Let’s give these variations a try:

1.   Instead of colored pencils, you can give everyone a normal, grey pencil. This will make it more difficult to create the final puzzle; they can’t orientate based on colors.

2.   To make the exercise more difficult, you allow the participants to look for just one minute at their original piece of the image. Then, they have to return the piece to you. When they cut out the enlarged piece out of the blank paper and draw the enlarged image, they won’t have the original pieces to look at as an orientation point. They have to draw based on their memories. This will make it more challenging to create an accurate, enlarged copy. It will also be more challenging to form the final puzzle with all the different pieces.

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