This is the Scrum Puzzle Iteration Game. This game is perfect to show the need for retrospectives, focusing on quality, understanding your group. This game is perfect for remote teams using miro. The directions can be found below in the description. I could not have accomplished this without the great people in this video. Some of the players may be looking for different jobs. Please see their LinkedIn Profiles below.


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My intro – 0:00
Game Instructions – 01:11
Round 1 Planning – 05:40
Round 1 start – 07:22
Round 1 Retro – 11:55
Round 2 Planning – 13:50
Round 2 start – 15:00
Round 2 Retro – 19:50
Round 3 Planning – 21:30
Round 3 Start – 21:59
Round 3 Retro – 27:30

✏️✏️✏️ Game Rules ✏️✏️✏️
Note: Always copy the template and lockdown everything that does not need to be moved or edited by the players.

The game can take between 25-40 min

Goal: Your task is to put together a jigsaw puzzle in a team in a minimum amount of time.

The game has three rounds, plus a short planning session before and a short retro session after.

– Each participant can only move 1 piece per turn
– Then the turn goes to the next team member
– You must count the time spent to complete the puzzle
– The outcome picture should be recognizable and without gaps between pieces
– You will have 1.5 minutes to plan and 1.5 minutes to discuss the outcome of each attempt and improvements for the next time
– You can’t move the pieces during the planning
– After planning, you must predict the time that you are going to collect the puzzle for
You will have 3 attempts to improve the execution time

Thanks again
keep on learning!