Peppa Pig! There’s a silly crocodile hiding in the kids cereal that flooded your house and all of the Peppa Pig friends toys are missing from your toy play house! Kids, let’s help Peppa Pig find the crocodile and all of Peppa’s friends before they get lost! Buy Peppa Pig Lights and Sounds Family Home Playset here:

Peppa Pig, Suzy Sheep, Pedro Pony, Emily Elephant, Richard Rabbit, Rebecca Rabbit, Freddie Fox, Zoey Zebra, Danny Dog, Candy Cat and Wendy Wolf were all photographed and animated by Cory from Just For Kids. The silly crocodile was created by Cory Williams. We recommend Peppa Pig toys to all families with 2 to 6 year olds! They’re great family entertainment for all kids and adults.

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