What’s up, Gabsters?
I have a different kind of content for you guys! Since the ECQ has been extended, we struggle to find ways to keep ourselves busy or productive. Sometimes, having a bit of fun can help.

Good thing Jo found this awesome way to play a game with friends or family through this Online Escape Room Challenge by Enchambered called Alone Together.

It is a browser-based online escape room puzzle where you and another player coordinate with each other so you can escape it together! Since we want it to be extra challenging, we gave ourselves a time limit of 1 Hour. So we have to coordinate well and solve puzzles fast to beat this game in record time 😀

This is almost a Play-through of the game so if you want to avoid spoilers and play the game first, here is the link:

This is a 2-part video and you will only see MY reactions and my side of the game.
If you wanna see what Jo sees on her screen and her reactions as well, check out this link:

Play it first before watching our vids so you get to see how we did it and in how many minutes!

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Thank you for watching this video!
See you guys on the next one!