Here is a list I love to make and update – those games you just can’t put down for various reasons. Let me know what you’ve been hooked on! #nintendoswitch #addictive #games

00:00 – What DO YOU Find Addictive?
00:18 – The Current Addictive King!
01:24 – Save Some Money!
01:40 – A 90s Style Shooter With Style!
02:50 – I HOPE We Get A Sequel!
03:45 – Fisherman Simulator you say?
04:50 – MH Is always on my mind…
06:23 – Chasm The Rift is Back!
07:53 – JRPG, Simlife & Advance Wars Equals…
09:44 – This MIGHT Change Your Mind!
10:59 – MC Legends Is An RTS Meets Picmin
12:24 – PUBG Japanese Style!
13:48 – HIDDEN GEM…Uhhhh….right!?
15:19 – What next?
15:32 – More Tea Vicar!?

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