Pretty much Geometry dash on steroids.

In this video, I made a challenging rage-inducing puzzle platformer about gravity. It was made using python, with the Pygame library. It also has a level editor. According to my playtesters, it might even be the hardest platformer ever, maybe even a rage game, kinda like getting over it

After this, I plan to move on to another game engine, such as gamemaker, godot, unreal engine, or maybe even unity, but I’m not so sure, since they partnered with a malware company and laid off a bunch of employees or whatever. Might also do some pygame tutorials in the future.

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Old game development video I made – “I made a game about bending space”:

BACKGROUND MUSIC (in order of appearance):
Stick fight – sticky situation

Lena Raine – Reach For The Summit (Celeste Soundtrack):
Context Sensitive – 20XX

C418 – Leak

Context Sensitive – Moon Base

Creo – Flow

Meganeko – The Cyber Grind (Ultrakill soundtrack)

Context Sensitive – Portlight

Lena Raine – Starjump (Celeste Soundtrack):

0:00 Animated Intro
1:03 Laying The Groundwork
3:17 Introducing The Mechanics
4:36 The Worst Idea I’ve Ever Had
6:01 Making It Look Pretty
7:20 New Gameplay Mechanics
8:19 Sound Effects
9:10 Pure Chaos
9:43 Level Editor!
11:02 Soundtrack!
11:46 Playtesting And Bugfixing
12:41 Final Thoughts + Where / How To Play My Game

The game was heavily inspired by the gameplay of Geometry Dash, the aesthetic of Portal, the difficulty of Celeste, and the level editor in Will You Snail

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Made with Adobe Animate, Davinci Resolve, and Pygame

Keywords for algorithmic ranking:
This game was inspired by numerous indie game developers, including, Dani, Jonas Tyroller, Barji, Sam Hogan, Blackthornprod, PolyMars, Code Parade, Robert Thompson, GMTK / Game Maker’s Toolkit, Brackeys, DaFluffyPotato, BadGameDev, DelugeDrop, DevBanana, Ardens, CodyCantEatThis, BenBonk,

don’t eat pink sauce

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I was hoping to participate in the GMTK game jam in July, but had to leave for vacation, so maybe I’ll catch the next Wowie Jam in August

Quick tip when trying to run the game: PyGame doesn’t use RAM or your GPU, just your CPU, so keeping other apps closed while playing would be ideal

Thanks for watching 🙂

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