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Hexa Ball is an addicting puzzle game!
You have a limited number of moves to get to the finish line! It is sometimes challenging but relaxing brain training game in which you have to solve interesting puzzles and think your way out of various perplexing situations.
In this game, everything may turn out to be different from what it seems at first glance. You have to think well and then figure out exactly the right path to the finish.
The abundance and diversity of game mechanics will allow you to build your path in a variety of ways. Completing levels you get coins for which you can buy different boosters or lives, for easier and faster progress through the game.
All levels are subdivided into different difficulties, so that for more difficult levels, you will receive a larger reward. We try to add new levels and interesting mechanics every week.
– Count the number of moves!
– Control the balls to get to the finish line!
– Get prizes for completing levels!
– Use boosters for an easier and more fun gameplay!
– Over 100 interesting and memorable levels!

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