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Following YouTube recommendations regarding content targeting, we decided to choose the ‘For Kids’ audience setting for this particular video, despite the fact that the game is not.targeted exclusively for kids but can be enjoyed by both kids and adult fans of casual games.

YouTube automatically turns off for comments for videos with audience set to ‘For Kids’.

We walk you through 50 levels of the game for you and have to tell you playing this game with Apple Pencil is much superior than playing it only with your fingers!

BTW, we didn’t bother checking out those funny outfits that you can earn during the game – they look fun but we focused just on the gameplay.

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About the app:

Casual/physics puzzle game suitable for kids (7+).

Flip the sausage in such a way that it lands on top of the fork (and we don’t want to know what happens next)..

The higher the level you’l have more enemies and helpers: sharp saws and knives that will slice your character (not good), button that open doors (good), pots and water tanks (we are not sure). And this weird guy in the background waiting for something bad to happen…

Earn coins that can be exchanged for various outfits for your sausage character.

What we liked:the concept. Fun graphics. Humor and fun factor.

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Original Appysmarts Score: 60/100
Platform: iPad/iPhone/Android

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