Enter a brand-new Daydream Mosaics experience where the stresses of life vanish! Support Maris in her efforts to restore gorgeous marine sanctuaries as the monarch of the Azure Seas. Open the entrance to the Crimson World to help Juliette achieve her mission. Discover images hidden inside mathematical groupings spanning over 120 fascinating levels by using your wits and intuition. To gather more resources, take on additional mini-challenges that include Hidden Object, Spot the Differences, and Jigsaw Puzzles. Enjoy the magnificent sights and calming soundtrack that round out the extensive list of features. Enjoy the next chapter of Juliette’s compelling tale as she works to save the Twin Worlds.

– Demonstrate your proficiency of solving up to six-color mosaic puzzles.
– Complete a set of 120 nonogram levels to test your ciphering abilities.
– Restore ancient shrines to their former splendor.
– Choose from 4 different play styles based on your preferences.
– Enjoy minigames that may be played again and again, such jigsaw puzzles and hidden object games.
– Become absorbed in a gripping narrative that keeps you interested.
– Each nonogram is created with a logical puzzle in mind.
– Choose from a selection of tile skins to customize your experience.
– Decorate your screen with gorgeous wallpapers to improve the aesthetic appeal.
– Become engrossed in the dreamy music that supports your daydreaming.