Welcome to Crazy Machines 3! Crazy Machines 3 is the latest, greatest physic-based puzzle game. Build your own crazy machines and share your awesomeness across the world.
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Crazy Machines 3 Gameplay Overview:

Higher, faster, larger, crazier, trickier, and so much more 3D: that’s Crazy Machines 3!

Place missing pieces into zany chain reactions and turn them into ingeniously working machines to solve puzzles like these:

How do you successfully punch an Egyptian statue in the face? How do you shoot a kettle from the head of a clumsycorn with a ‘high precision crossbow’? How du you jumpstart the grey-matter-engine of that old junker of a space taxi?
Find out in Crazy Machines 3!

Prepare yourself for the ultimate playground of vast Rube Goldberg style possibilities!

Use physical systems to your advantage, no matter if it’s electricity, explosions, lasers, lightning, or wind. By tinkering with chips you can delve into even deeper detail and provide objects with individual properties. Nothing is impossible. If you don’t like that wooden plank, take your pick from different materials like metal or stone and change the size, rotation and color. It is, after all, your own machine…

Additionally, we invite you to use Steam Workshop to gain access to a possibly infinite supply of Crazy Machine 3 puzzles and machines to implement into your game. And when you build your ultimate machine, you can share it with the whole world with a single click.

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Crazy Machines 3 Gameplay Features:

►Free content updates with new machines, parts and objects in the near future

►Extensive and powerful editor for creating your own machine parts

►More than 220 objects and over 300 single parts you can choose from

►Creativity meets freedom: create and experiment with different materials and colors

►Steam Workshop access for a possible unlimited supply of parts and levels

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Check out Crazy Machines on Steam:

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Special thanks to the developers for the free press key and for sponsoring this video.

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