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Fresh puzzles to solve each day! Keep your brain sharp and your skills honed.

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Brickle, the ultimate shape-fitting challenge! Compete against players from around the world as you strive to complete puzzles with the fewest moves, and the fastest time.
Brickle combines the thrill of competition with the satisfaction of puzzle-solving. Every day, a new mind-bending challenge awaits, keeping your brain sharp and your skills honed. Can you conquer the daily puzzle and claim your spot on the leaderboard?

• Compete and Conquer – Challenge players worldwide to see who can fit the shapes together in record time and with the fewest moves.
• Daily Puzzles – Check in daily for a fresh, brain-teasing puzzle that will keep you coming back for more.
• Leaderboard Glory – Climb the daily score leaderboards and prove you’re the ultimate puzzle solver.
• Satisfying Gameplay – Relax and unwind with Brickle’s soothing puzzle gameplay. It’s the perfect way to destress while keeping your mind engaged.

Solve today’s puzzle to find out how smart you really are!

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