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Through changing viewpoints and the way of thinking, solve puzzles and move towards the source of Treeman.

Antivine is like a delicate album and a peaceful composition. Describing a young boy seeking for the reason of his uniqueness, and step on his journey. With your wisdom can help him to pursue and reveal the truth.

For the truth of Treeman
Some say once you get order, branches will start to sprout out of the body and become a plant. Find the mountain God at the other side of the land, and you will find the cure.

Change the way of thinking
Change the scenes with a simple click. One of the core of Antivine is to change viewpoints, and clear all the puzzles with it.

A beautiful self-discovery story
“Who am I? Why am I different?”
In this game, you can enjoy solving puzzles in a relaxing pace and together with a young girl meet on the journey. Put yourself in a teeming world and find the answer of life.

Free (for Android OS) offline game.

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