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In this video children will be able to learn alphabets and letters and also kids will learn 2 things that start with each alphabet with the help of animation and colorful visuals.

A | A for Apple
B | B for Ball
C | C for Cake
D | D for Duck
E | E for Egg
F | F for Fox
G | G for Grapes
H | H for Helicopter
I | I for Ice cream
J | J for Jug
K | K for Kangaroo
L | L for Lamp
M | M for Mango
N | N for Nest
O | O for Orange
P | P for Pineapple
Q | Q for Quiver
R | R for Rocket
S | S for Strawberry
T | T for Tomato
U | U for Umbrella
V | V for Violin
W | W for Watermelon
X | X for Xylophone
Y | Y for Yacht
Z | Z for Zebra

This ABC Song cartoon video will help kids learn English Alphabet A to Z. The ABCD alphabets & respective things starting with each alphabet will be in a puzzle form and once the puzzle will get completed, alphabets & things that start with each alphabet will be revealed.

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