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A look at 100 obscure PS2 games!

While a small number of these made it to Europe/North American, many of them stayed in Japan.
A lot of them were low budget games, and some were just plain wacky. But a lot of them are a lot of fun despite the low production values – and there are a few genuine hidden gems in here! Join the quest for glory in golden axe: the revenge of death adder. Play online and relive the magic.

Some points of interest:
– Early entries in the Earth Defence Force and Oneechanbara series
– The one attempt to take Metal Slug into 3D gameplay
– Not one, but TWO games about firefighters
– A licensed tie in to the Fight Club movie

And lots more! Enjoy!

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Complete Gamelist:
7 Blades
7 Sins
Adventures of Cookie and Cream
Adventures of Darwin, The
Air Ranger Rescue Helicopter
AKA-Champion Come On Baby, The
Akira Psycho Ball
All Star Pro Wrestling
All-Star Fighters
Basketball Xciting
BCV – Battle Construction Vehicles
Ben Hur – Blood of Braves
Biker Mice from Mars
Blood Plus One Knight Kiss
Chain Dive
City Crisis
Colosseum Road To Freedom
Cover Command
Daemon Summoner
Dark Angel: Vampire of the Apocalypse
Deadly Strike
Deep Water
Demolition Girl
Demon Chaos
Diabolik Original Sin
Dragon Sisters
Eternal Quest
Fight Club
Fighting Angels
Fire Heroes
Firefighter FD 18
Fitness Fun
FLOW Urban Dance Uprising
Garouden Breakblow
Gekibo 2
Ghost Vibration
Global Defence Force
Hard Knock High
Heartbeat Boxing
Ikkitousen – Shining Dragon
Ikuze! Onsen Takkyuu!!
Iron Sea
Jet X20
Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: Phantom Blood
Kenka Banchou 2 Full Throttle
Knights of the Temple II
Legend of Sayuki
Legion the Legend of Excalibur
London Racer Police Madness
Love Smash
Mad Maestro
Made Man – Confessions of the Family Blood
Maid-fuku to Kikanjuu, The
Maken Shao Demon Sword
Maze Action
Metal Slug 3D
Mini Bijo Keikan, The
Monster Lab
Mystic Heroes
Party Girls
Pink Pong
Poinie’s Poin
Police Chase Down
Project Minerva Professional
Realm of the Dead
Rebel Raiders Operation Nighthawk
Saiyuu Touenden, The
Seek and Destroy
Shogun’s Blade
Sky Gunner
Sniper 2, The
Special Forces
Splatter Master
Steel Dragon EX
Street Boyz
Street Golfer
Super Galdelic Hour
Swashbucklers Blue vs Grey
Swords of Destiny
Tairou Jigoku, The
Tank Elite
Technic Beat
Tokusatsu Henshin Hero, The
Tonsou Highway 2 – Road Warrior 2050, The
Warship Gunner 2
World Fighting
Yakuza Fury
Zombie Attack
Zombie Hunters 2
Zombie Virus
Zombie Zone